Conference Program
The Tawana Bangkok
September. 28, 2023 Thursday ---- Conference Day 1                     Conference Room: Baccarat Room
9:00-9:20 ICABST Opening Speech
WPCR Welcome Speech
9:20-12:00 Plenary & Invited Speech Session
(10:20-10:50 Break & Poster Session)
12:00-14:00 Break for lunch
14:00-17:00 Oral Presentation Session 1 & Session 2
(15:30-15:50 Break & Poster Session)
September. 29, 2023 Friday ---- Conference Day 2                     Conference Room: Baccarat Room
9:00-12:00 Oral Presentatio Session 3 & Session 4
(10:20-10:50 Break & Poster Session)
12:00-14:00 Lunch & Poster Session
14:00-17:00 Oral Presentatio Session 5& Session 6
(15:30-15:50 Tea Break & Poster Session)
September 30, 2023 Saturday ---- Award & Closing Ceremony  Conference Room: Baccarat Room
9:00-11:00 Young Researcher & Compound Session
Best Presentation Award
Closing Ceremony
Recent Accepted Abstracts

1 Current approaches to enamel remineralization: from fluoride to biomimetic technologies
2 Establishment of Optimal Non-Pharmaceutical Clinical Information Management to Alleviate Spinal Stenosis
3 Effects of Health Information System on Prevention of Psychological Degradation After Hysterectomy in Adult Women in Urban Areas
4 Manufacturing method and antibacterial properties of Ag-Cu Containing Austenitic antibacterial stainless steel
5 Innovation of New Professional Farmer Training base on the RPOR Mode
6 Non-Pharmacological Management for Gestational Diabetes Mellitus
7 Risk factors for recurrence of GDM: a meta‑analysis
8 Cause analysis and prevention and treatment of sports ankle sprain in college students
9 Iris Feature Extraction Based on Wavelet Packet Analysis
10 A Robust Image Source Identification Method of Telemedicine Based on CNN
11 Fusing Multi-graph Structures for Visual Question Answering
12 Detecting Unknown type of faceswap deepfake images with enhanced mask learning
13 Mask based Continuous Frame Faceswap Video Generation for Deepfake Detection
14 Research on shortest path of medical communication network based on minimum spanning tree algorithm
15 Research on design of medical protective clothing based on simulated annealing algorithm
16 The complete chloroplast genome of Blidingia minima, a kind of green macroalgae with medicinal value

Important Dates

    Abstract Deadline: Sep. 10, 2023

    Reg. Deadline: Sep. 15, 2023

    Acceptance: 7-10 working days

    Conf. Date: Sep. 28-30, 2023


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